Renamed to MDX PTE LTD in 2016

To benefit businesses and the environment alike by promoting innovative, reliable, functional machinery elements, elongating the lifespan of equipment, reducing unnecessary waste, and greatly cutting maintenance costs.

  • 2018

    Product Line : SK (Japan) Grease Fittings

    Established in 1945 | One of the few remaining grease-fitting manufacturers in Japan, surviving 70+ years of market competition

  • 2017

    Product Line : HARDLOCK (Japan) Anti-Vibration Fastener

    Established in 1974 | Specialises in anti-vibration fasteners | Dominance in world-wide high speed rail applications, in spite of the harsh requirements

  • 2017

    Product Line : DZ (Taiwan) Hydraulic Packing

    Specialises in PU materials | Standard production of the commonly used hydraulic or fluid packing.

  • 2016

    MDX PTE LTD (Singapore)

    Renamed to MDX PTE LTD to reflect our new business strategy.

  • 2015

    Product Line : OZAK (Japan) Linear System

    Established in 1976 | First to introduce flange linear bearings | Ozak has grown to become a linear system module provider in recent times

  • 2013

    Product Line : SOG (Taiwan) Seals & Packing

    Began co-operation with SOG Taiwan in an effort to explore new product lines and expand our services. SOG Taiwan covers 40,000+ sizes of standard oil seals, gamma seals, V-rings, O-rings, and much more

  • 1997

    Malex Motion Pte Ltd (Singapore)

    Malex Singapore was established to expand into Asia trade of bearings. Started with Automotive Rotational Bearings distribution.

  • 1995

    Malex Corporation Ltd (Japan)

    Malex Corporation Ltd (Japan) was started with the first response to a demand from Yamada (A Japan Textile machinery maker) for an OEM supply of rotational special bearings. The bearing was developed under the ‘MDX’ trade mark, to be assembled with a plastic outer thread guide wheel.